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Terms of use of this blog

Bird & Bird is an international legal practice comprising Bird & Bird LLP and its affiliated and associated businesses. For details of Bird & Bird, our offices and our members please see our firm’s site at www.twobirds.com.

This smart grids blog (http://twobirdssmartgrids.com) differs from our firm’s site since it is hosted by WordPress.com. Please contact Bird & Bird through our firm’s site if you have any queries about the content on this blog.

For the terms of use of this smart grids blog site see the Terms of use section on our firm’s website, which also applies to this blog. The Legal Notices section of our firm’s site also gives further regulatory information, details of our complaints procedure, information about use of email and other legal notices.

In addition, since this blog is hosted by WordPress.com, you should refer to the information on “Privacy and Cookies” immediately below in place of any statements on our firm’s site relating to information collection and use, privacy and/or cookies.

Sharing the material on this blog

Further to the Terms of use, you are reminded that you may not copy, amend, reproduce or distribute the content of this blog, or disclose the content to third parties, other than in compliance with our Copyright and Reproduction Notices.

In the context of this blog the licence to recopy for limited purposes mentioned in the Copyright and Reproduction Notices means you may recopy extracted material to individual third parties for their personal use only, but only if:

  • you do so on an occasional basis and free of charge;
  • any copyright notices and the original website address (e.g. http://twobirdssmartgrids.com) remain intact on all printed and electronic copies or, if not present on the original, you acknowledge this blog as the source of the material; and
  • you inform the third party that these conditions apply to him or her; and
  • the extracted material remains in complete and unmodified form.

This licence to recopy does not permit incorporation of the material or any part of it in any other work or publication, whether in hard copy or electronic or any other form. In particular (but without limitation), no part of this blog may be distributed or recopied for any commercial purpose or for a fee.

“Share by Email” function

 A button under each blog article allows users to share the article by email.  Users should note that this functionality is provided and controlled by WordPress.com.  Bird & Bird has no control over the use of any information (including email addresses and names) provided by users. Details of WordPress.com’s own privacy conditions are set out immediately below.

Privacy and Cookies

This blog is hosted outside of the European Economic Area by WordPress.com (owned by Automattic Inc.), which does not collect any personal information for Bird & Bird’s use. WordPress only provides us with aggregated non-personal information for this blog, such as the number of clicks on links and visitors’ page views by country. For WordPress’ own privacy conditions please click here.

Please note that, in accordance with those privacy conditions, WordPress uses analytics cookies to “identify and track visitors, their usage of Automattic website, and their website access preferences” (for further information click here). If you would prefer that no cookies were placed on your computer, you can disable cookies on your browser’s settings before accessing this blog. You can find out how to do this, and more information on cookies, at: www.allaboutcookies.org.

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