JRC publish updated inventory of smart grid and metering projects in Europe

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre has published an updated inventory of smart grid and metering projects in Europe for 2014.

The inventory identifies 459 projects launched from 2002 onwards, amounting to over €3 billion in investments. Interactive visualisation tools allow users to generate customised graphs, charts and maps.

The JRC have also published a 153 page report, which addresses topics such as:

  • an overview of projects in Europe (including project maturity, scale, geographical distribution and budget range)
  • sources of funding
  • details of who is investing and of multinational collaboration
  • projects started in 2013-2014
  • progress of smart meter deployment
  • insight into smart customer projects.

The inventory and associated report are sure to prove a useful resource for those interested in smart grid projects in EU states (plus Switzerland and Norway). For example, the report shows that 42 smart grid projects started in 2013 with a total investment of around €415 million.

For further detail see Smart Grid Projects Outlook 2014. Readers may also be interested in Bird & Bird’s on-going series of EU and other smart grid market summaries.

European IPR Helpdesk publishes Horizon 2020 fact sheet: IP Management at the Grant Preparation Stage

The European IPR Helpdesk has published a further fact sheet on intellectual property (“IP”) management for Horizon 2020 projects.

Horizon 2020 is an EU Research and Innovation programme with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (from 2014 to 2020). It has been set up to facilitate research moving more quickly to market and strengthen Europe’s economic competiveness. Much of the funding will be available to those working in areas related to smart grids. Further background on Horizon 2020 is available here. Read more of this post

EU Parliament adopts Resolution on Local and Regional Consequences of Smart Grids and calls for a high standard of data protection and data privacy

A new article relating to the above has been posted on the German Energy Blog – Click here for more information

French competition authority expresses concerns about government proposals on electricity Demand Side Response

On 13 January 2014, the French competition authority published an opinion on the subject of proposed secondary legislation setting out the rules for electricity Demand Side Response. The French competition authority was not convinced that a consumer surcharge to subsidise DSR would achieve the desired effect. It also made a number of recommendations to ensure fairness among DSR providers.

Click here to read more.

Smart Grid Market Summary – European Union

Bird & Bird have published the second in a new series of market summaries focused on the EU.

This summary focuses upon:

  • The market today: including drivers of the EU’s commitment to smart grids.
  • What to watch: including an overview of smart grid projects within the EU.
  • The long-term picture: including the continued importance of policy choices by individual member states.

Click here to view – Smart Grid EU Summary

FSR Energy Encyclopaedia published

The Florence School of Regulation (FSR) unveiled an online Energy Encyclopaedia this week.  The Encyclopaedia has over 50 entries covering the following topics:

  • Electricity;
  • Gas;
  • Grids;
  • Energy Policy;
  • Climate Change;
  • Security of Supply;
  • Renewables; and
  • Regulation.

We believe that our readers, including those who may have a limited background in energy regulation, will find this an excellent source of useful and high quality information.

Article by Adam Gillert on “Smart grids, dumb risks” published in Utility Week

Adam Gillert is an associate in Bird & Bird’s Commercial Group and has worked across a range of projects in regulated sectors.

Adam Gillert warns that whilst much effort is focused on “smart” threats to smarter grids,
energy companies need to remain focused on much more  mundane risks.

Click here to view the article.

Article 29 Data Protection Working Party publishes Opinion

The independent body, Article 29 Data Protection Working Party (DP Working Party), which provides advice on data protection and privacy to the European Commission has published Opinion 04/2013 “on the Data Protection Impact Assessment Template (DPIA Template) for Smart Grid and Smart Metering Systems”.  This Opinion was adopted by the DP Working Party on 22 April 2013. Read more of this post

Bird & Bird attend major Smart Grid Conference in London

Yesterday, Smart Grid GB, Intellect, ENA, BEAMA and Energy UK held an all-day conference to discuss how to seize the opportunities presented by smart grids. Read more of this post

France releases data protection recommendations for Smart Meters under the direct control of customers

The French Data Protection Authority (the “CNIL”) has issued initial recommendations to regulate the use and deployment of smart meters following a two year review on this issue. Smart meters will start being deployed across France in 2013 and by 2020 should be installed in approximately 35 million homes. Read more of this post