UK Government releases paper looking “Towards a Smart Energy System”

The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has released a paper that gives a helpful summary of how DECC will work with other stakeholders to help the country move towards a smarter energy system, including next steps planned for 2016.

The paper sets out DECC’s views as to:

  • some of the key challenges the energy system faces;
  • how a smarter and more flexible energy system can help meet those challenges;
  • potential barriers and market failures that could stand in the way of such smarter energy; and
  • DECC’s next steps.

The paper focuses on demand side response and storage, but smart networks and interconnectors are also mentioned.

Adam Gillert, a member of Bird & Bird’s smart energy systems team, commented:

This paper provides a timely confirmation of the UK Government’s belief in the potential benefits of smarter energy. Advocates of smarter energy will be heartened by the explicit recognition that decisions taken in this Parliament will influence the extent to which smart, flexible solutions become widespread in the 2020s. Of particular interest to those working on smart energy  are the ‘next steps’ outlined by DECC to help remove barriers to smarter energy and catalyse innovation, including the consultation planned for Spring 2016“.

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