DECC 4th Annual Report on Smart Meters

The Government has published its 4th annual progress report on the roll-out of smart meters in Great Britain. The Government has a stated aim to ensure that all homes and businesses in Great Britain are offered a smart meter by 2020. The aim is to power the economy whilst keeping bills as low as possible and decarbonising the energy system. Smart meters will give consumers more control of their energy consumption and will make estimated billing a thing of the past. They will allow for the active management of peak electricity demand, providing a more flexible and responsive energy system.

The report highlights some of the key achievements since December 2014 (when the 3rd annual report was published); for example 1,193,200 smart meters were operating in homes across Great Britain by June 2015, with 538,400 in non-domestic sites. It also discusses the measures required in the run up to the main installation phase of the Programme, due to start in mid-2016. Importantly consideration has been given to how the Programme will ensure that consumers can realise the benefits of smart metering, whilst also protecting their rights.

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