Article by Adam Gillert published on LexisNexis’ World of IP and IT Law

An article by Bird & Bird Senior Associate Adam Gillert focusing on smart grids in Britain has been published on LexisNexis’ World of IP and IT Law (WIPIT) blog. WIPIT is a blog for curious intellectual property and information technology lawyers with a nose for business, innovation and technology. Adam’s article gives a general introduction to smart grids including many of the benefits, opportunities and challenges they present. To read the article, please click here.

The Future of the Supply/Demand Interface in Electricity Distribution

On 12th November 2014, Bird & Bird in collaboration with SmartGrid GB will be hosting an all-day conference at the British Library which aims to explore how the generation and supply side of the energy industry can utilise technologies and data streams to maximise efficiency in operation. The projected transformation of energy markets and the management of systems using machine to machine control is a revolutionary change that industry will face in the near future. The role of distributed generation, storage and new forms of generation will require solutions to allow the most efficient use of assets. Read more of this post