JRC publish updated inventory of smart grid and metering projects in Europe

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre has published an updated inventory of smart grid and metering projects in Europe for 2014.

The inventory identifies 459 projects launched from 2002 onwards, amounting to over €3 billion in investments. Interactive visualisation tools allow users to generate customised graphs, charts and maps.

The JRC have also published a 153 page report, which addresses topics such as:

  • an overview of projects in Europe (including project maturity, scale, geographical distribution and budget range)
  • sources of funding
  • details of who is investing and of multinational collaboration
  • projects started in 2013-2014
  • progress of smart meter deployment
  • insight into smart customer projects.

The inventory and associated report are sure to prove a useful resource for those interested in smart grid projects in EU states (plus Switzerland and Norway). For example, the report shows that 42 smart grid projects started in 2013 with a total investment of around €415 million.

For further detail see Smart Grid Projects Outlook 2014. Readers may also be interested in Bird & Bird’s on-going series of EU and other smart grid market summaries.

Bird & Bird and Cambridge Alumni Energy Society host event on smart energy systems

On 22 May, Bird & Bird hosted an event together with the Cambridge Alumni Energy Society which aimed to explore and discuss the practicalities and challenges of implementing smart energy systems.

The discussion started off with a presentation from Phil Lawton, Future System Operations Manager at National Grid who provided an introduction to National Grid’s role in system balancing and the challenges of the changing energy landscape. In particular, National Grid is working with stakeholders across the energy value chain to identify cost effective and robust solutions. Specific issues included: Read more of this post