Smart Grid Market Summary – India

Bird & Bird have published the fourth in its series of market summaries.

This summary focuses upon:

  • The market today: including India’s roadmap for implementing smart grids.
  • What to watch: including details of smart meter roll out plans.
  • The long-term picture: including key challenges facing the Indian energy sector.

Click here to view – Smart Grid India Summary

DECC releases a consultation on proposed modifications to the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC)

On 9 April 2014 DECC released a consultation on proposed modifications to the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) required as a result of the implementation of Electricity Market Reform (EMR). EMR is designed to provide the framework for the UK energy industry to meet the challenge of maintaining security of supply in the face of increasing demand for electricity while also moving towards low carbon and sustainable generation. Read more of this post

Electricity Settlement Reform – moving to half-hourly settlement

Ofgem recently released a launch statement for electricity settlement reform as part of the Smarter Markets Programme. Electricity settlement is the process to incentivise suppliers and generators to match the amount of energy they buy with the amount used by their customers. Settlement is carried out by monitoring and metering consumers’ energy use as against generators and suppliers (and interconnectors) contracted positions and determining the charges to be paid for any imbalance. At present, a majority of consumers are settled through a process that lasts 14 months, based on estimates of their usage, as most meters are not capable of measuring half hourly energy consumption. However, with the advent of smart metering, consumers will be able to record their half-hourly (HH) consumption, based on the energy they have actually used, rather than relying on estimates. Ofgem now wants to propose the settlement system for this new data as it becomes available. Read more of this post

European IPR Helpdesk publishes Horizon 2020 fact sheet: IP Management at the Grant Preparation Stage

The European IPR Helpdesk has published a further fact sheet on intellectual property (“IP”) management for Horizon 2020 projects.

Horizon 2020 is an EU Research and Innovation programme with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (from 2014 to 2020). It has been set up to facilitate research moving more quickly to market and strengthen Europe’s economic competiveness. Much of the funding will be available to those working in areas related to smart grids. Further background on Horizon 2020 is available here. Read more of this post