Bird & Bird assist SmartGrid GB with response to DECC consultation on Electricity Market Reform


SmartGrid GB, with assistance from Bird & Bird, today published their response to the UK Government’s Electricity Market Reform: Consultation on Proposals for Implementation (the “Consultation“), focusing upon the role of Demand Side Response (“DSR“) in the Capacity Market.

SmartGrid GB is an independent, cross-industry stakeholder group acting as the national champion for smart grid development in Britain. For SmartGrid GB members, one of the most immediately eye-catching parts of the Capacity Market design was the focus it places on DSR, a core aspect of smart grid development. Read more of this post

Bird & Bird’s Ronald Hendrikx joins Westminster eForum to discuss challenges for intelligent infrastructure

Ronald Hendrikx

Ronald Hendrikx is a partner in our commercial group.

The Westminster eForum today held a Keynote Seminar on Smart Living. The meeting heard the thoughts of political and industry leaders on a variety of topics including the smart home opportunity, the potential for smart meters to play a role in building a more connected home and the related topics of smart cities and connected cars.

Key messages from the meeting highlighted the need to provide solutions that are simple, flexible, reliable, trusted and fulfil basic needs. A representative of a major utility outlined the benefits they had seen in consumer uptake of smart services from using a dedicated, focused awareness campaign around smart meters.  Other speakers suggested that smart meters may become the central hub of a smart home, but that industry and regulators need to take note of the security aspects of the meters and the translation of meter data into information that consumers understand and can react to. Read more of this post

Smart Grid Market Summary – European Union

Bird & Bird have published the second in a new series of market summaries focused on the EU.

This summary focuses upon:

  • The market today: including drivers of the EU’s commitment to smart grids.
  • What to watch: including an overview of smart grid projects within the EU.
  • The long-term picture: including the continued importance of policy choices by individual member states.

Click here to view – Smart Grid EU Summary