The Energy Bill 2012: Capacity Markets and smart metering

The new Energy Bill 2012 (the ‘Bill’) proposes to give the Government wide power for the establishment of a Capacity Market in the UK with a view to securing the UK’s energy supply. In the longer term, smart grids should have a key part to play in the demand side of the Capacity Market. Read more of this post

British Government publish smart metering rules for consumer engagement, privacy, and security

The British Government has today published a number of documents relating to the rules surrounding consumer engagement, privacy and security in connection with the programme to install smart meters in millions of homes and businesses in Great Britain.   Read more of this post

IEEE announces Smart Grid TAG and new smart grid standards

IEEE has formed a new IEEE 802.24 Smart Grid Technical Advisory Group (the “Smart Grid TAG”).  IEEE also announced new smart grid related wireless communications technology standards along with a new standards development project. Read more of this post

Smart Grid Pilot Projects in Germany – First Project Completed

A new article relating to the above has been posted on the German Energy Blog – click here for more information.

Renewable energy conclusions adopted by the EU Council

The Council of the European Union has adopted various conclusions on renewable energy, a number of which may encourage smart grid development.

The EU has already committed to achieving a target whereby renewable sources are to account for 20% of the overall energy consumption of the EU by 2020 as part of its Europe 2020 Strategy and under the EU Renewable Energy Directive 2009.  The conclusions adopted by the Council consider the period up to 2020 and also beyond, developing the associated European Commission communication of 6 June 2012. Read more of this post