Smart Grid Forum report issued on potential barriers to smart grid implementation

On 31 August 2012, the Smart Grid Forum’s (SGF) work stream 6 published a report identifying the views of that work steam as to the potential barriers to smart grid implementation for the next electricity distribution price control review (RIIO-ED1) and laying out possible future directions for developing solutions. 

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Government consults on new GB Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications

The initial version of the Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications (SMETS 1) was published in April 2012.  Its aim was to establish specifications to ensure that a minimum set of functions could be performed consistently by smart meters installed before a new centralised Data and Communications Company starts providing core communications services (the Foundation Stage). 

The SMETS 2 consultation seeks views on additional functions and features that the government has proposed to introduce through SMETS 2 and the broader regulatory framework.  SMETS 2 will apply to meters installed after the Foundation Stage.

The consultation is extremely wide ranging.  Amongst other things, the SMETS 2 consultation contains proposals relating to the Home Area Networking solution, the communications hub requirements and responsibilities, equipment assurance, governance and operation, and additional capabilities relating to possible future smart grid developments.

Source: SMETS 2 consultation

IEEE-SA and CIGRE to co-operate on smart grid standards

 The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE).  

The IEEE-SA is a leader in power and energy standards (with a large number of standards or standards in development relating to smart grids), whilst CIGRE is an international association for promoting collaboration among experts to improve existing and develop future electrical power systems.

According to the information released by IEEE-SA, the MoU is intended to promote knowledge sharing and co-operation.

Source: IEEE-SA press release

Smart Grid Forum report assessing the impact on GB’s power distribution networks of low carbon technologies

On 3 August 2012, the Smart Grid Forum (SGF) published a report assessing the impact on Great Britain’s power distribution networks of low carbon technologies.  These technologies are expected to have a significant effect on electricity distribution networks, especially with new challenges due to the growth of intermittent generation and electrification of heat and transport. 

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